Saturday, December 11th through Friday, December 17th

These performances will take place from Saturday, December 11th through Friday, December 17th and will replace your regular class time. To clarify: we have no dance class December 11th through December 18th, dancers will perform at a designated time and then will go home with their family. Please note that these performances might be on a different day than your regular class day and are likely at a different time than your regular class time. The schedule for the performances has our "regular" class schedule at the top of each page for your reference and then the performance time list at the bottom of each page, please look carefully at the "Performance Time" to make sure the description of the class matches your "Regular" schedule class time. Hopefully it should be clear what day and time your class is performing based on these schedules but if you have any questions just ask the front desk! 


A few notes about the Winter Extravaganza performances

  • We ask you to please limit guests to two (2) per dancer, unless your teacher indicates otherwise.

  • Videotaping and photography are allowed (and encouraged!) 

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled performance time and wait in the lobby until your group is called inside. These shows must start on time, we cannot hold a performance because a dancer or parent is late. Please take into account holiday traffic, we'd hate for you to miss the performance! 

  • Dancers should wear regular dance clothes for their performance, there are no costumes. Some teachers may ask that you wear a certain color or headpiece but this is optional. Nothing new needs to be purchased. Dancers may wear light makeup but this is not required. 

  • Again, there are NO CLASSES from Saturday December 11th through Friday December 17th, just the performances. 

  • Be sure you are looking at the correct location, Tampa or Brandon, when checking the schedule for your performance time. 

We cannot wait to celebrate these dancers and all their hard work!