"I can say after my daughters in 2 different studios since she was 2 years old, we wish we had started at BSDA years ago!  It is superior to what else is available in Tampa Bay!"

Tammy L


"Our daughters went to another local dance school for years.  It wasn't until we joined the BSDA Family that my daughters blossomed into beautiful dancers.  Technique, love, and consistency is what they get here."

Bridget D.


"We have lived in many different places and have gone to several dance studios.  My daughter is able to be challenged in her dance at BSDA like never before.  She has grown stronger in all areas of her dance technique in just 1 year at BSDA!"

Elizabeth S.


"I am impressed with the attention to detail and the quality and professionalism of the teaching staff.  One specific way to build core strength in all their dancers," 

Mickey S.


"I am pleased with the atmosphere that is provide in the studio that allows parents to view the dance sessions, this allows me to see the variations of all the great things the school has to offer.  In addition to this, the instructors take a hands-on approach assisting with formation/positioning."

Abriel S.


"We spent some time at BSDA then left for a time because they did not offer classes for little ones at the time.  We learned quickly that there is a difference between studios.  BSDA is a much more professional, efficient, and organized studio.  We love it because they treat everyone as part of their dance family."

Barbie W.


"BSDA is with no doubt the most professional studio my daughter has ever attended.  I like the organization and the discipline that is communicated to dancers and parents.  The Director and the teachers are really nice and very professional.  Great Dance Studio!"

Cecilia E.


"We love the ongoing technique lessons; they make a huge impact in my daughter's dancing.  She loves that when she does a move incorrectly she is told it is incorrect but then guided on how to correct the move.  What a huge impact for her.  Thank you!".

Tabitha P.


"My daughter switched to BSDA because she wanted a more challenging dance curriculum.  Not only did they exceed our expectations with the impressive level of expertise of the instructors, Teresa and her staff welcomed her and me with open arms!  I highly recommend this studio for any aspiring young dancer." 

Kelly H.


"BSDA has is all!  We have just completed our first year at BSDA after our former studio closed.  BSDA's highly experienced teachers provide a standard of technique of my daughter to be continuously challenged in dance on an individual basis while also providing the opportunity to have fun.  This studio is very organized allowing us to plan our schedule well in advance.  My daughter says that she loves the supportive atmosphere and that BSDA has more team spirit than any other studio she has attended."

Joanie S.


"We left a small studio in an Atlanta suburb that had a family environment.  When our daughter wanted to go to a studio that offered more dance at a competitive level, I thought we would be leaving the family environment behind.  BSDA has that family environment for it's dancers while offering top-notch teaching that allows each dancer to excel and perform at their best.  We couldn't be more pleased with our choice to dance at BSDA."

Nancy R.