Important Dates


January 4th - Spring classes begin

January 18th - Open for Martin Luther King Day

February 15th - Open for Presidents’ Day

March 14  through March 20th - Spring break

March 24th - Costume Money Due and Recital Opt-Out Form Due

April 15th - Recital Fee and Ticket Money Due

April 30th - Shoe Spray and Tight Orders Due

May 4th - Program Book Ads Due

May 15th - June Tuition Due

May 24th - Costume Distribution Begins

May 31st - Closed for Memorial Day

June 1  through June 5; June 14 - Picture Week/Dress Rehearsal Brandon

June 7 through June 12 - Picture Week/Dress Rehearsal Tampa

June 12 through June 14th - Blocking Rehearsals: in Tampa June 12th (morning) or June 14th (evening)

June 15th through June 16th - Blocking Rehearsals in Brandon June 15th (evening) or June 16th (evening) 

June 20th - RECITAL