Below are brief descriptions of the types of classes we offer at BSDA:

Baby Dance

Discover the love of dance! Each week, for 45 minutes they'll twirl through a music and dance adventure that will put a smile on their face! This class introduces toddlers 18 to 23 months to basic dance skills and will foster creativity through songs and stories with the help of colorful props. The whole family is always welcome to watch your budding dancer.

Creative Movement

This class is designed for our dancers starting at 2-3 years of age.  It combines creative and imaginative exercises, basic tumbling, with an introduction to ballet.  This 45 minute class helps in the development of coordination, balance, musicality, and creativity in a fun-loving, nurturing environment.


Combination Class

At BSDA we combine ballet, tap, and acrobatics in our beginner classes to introduce our students to some of the basic forms of dance. During each weekly 1 hour class students will learn basic technique and proper vocabulary in each discipline while developing strong skills.


Pre-Teen Combination

Our Pre-Teen Combo is designed for dancers 9-12 years of age that are beginner students or students with less dance experience.  It is a 90 minute class that offers ballet, jazz, and lyrical/contemporary.



Ballet is the foundation of all forms of dance.  It has it's own French vocabulary and takes years of serious training to master.  Ballets technique teaches body placement, alignment, flexibility, grace and strength.  Once a dancer attains a certain level they will be recommended by their teacher for pointe work increased development.



Hip-Hop evolved in the 1970's as part of the hip-hop music culture.  Early development of the dance form was popping, locking and breaking.  It has grown through out the years into many styles; soft or smooth, jazz funk, krump, and freestyle.  Hip-hop is a fun upbeat energetic class which combines street moves with technical jazz elements.



Acrobatics is floor tumbling.  Students develop flexibility, agility, balance, strength, and contortionist skills.  Tumbling skills start with basic rolls, cartwheels, handstands, etc.   As students progress more advanced movements will be taught such as handsprings, aerials, back tucks, etc.



This new form of dance is the fusion of ballet, jazz, and modern techniques.  It has evolved over the late 80's and uses dance movements and emotions to interpret the lyrics.  Being enrolled in ballet and jazz also is recommended for this class.



Dancers are taught proper technique in various movements such as kicks, jumps, leaps, isolations movements and turns.  A strong technical foundation enables a dancer to focus on the stylistic and performance aspects of dance.  Often times musical theatre elements are introduced in this class.


Tap dance originated in the United States with infuence from the Irish movements and African rhythms. Metal plates called "taps" are attached to the ball and heel of these shoes.  Sounds are made by hitting a hard surface in rhythmic patterns by making specific movements with the feet.



Students in this class with learn the foundation of flamenco with technique, turns, footwork, combinations and choreography.  A variety of rhythms and styles of this dance form include traditional flamenco, modern flamenco, and classical Spanish dance will be introduced.  Known for it's expressive use of arms, emotional intensity and proud carriage are the hallmarks of flamenco.